New Three Stooges Movie


The Three StoogesTHE MOVIE

This motion picture has been rated PG – For slapstick action violence, some rude and suggestive humor including language.

“Stop the presses!” A simple statement from a simple man. One Shemp Howard in the original Three Stooges episode: “Crime On Their Hands.”  Extra! The Three Stooges – The Movie is now available for purchase on Blu-ray & DVD.

Episode No. 1: “More Orphan Than Not”

Newborns Moe, Larry & Curly are dropped off (tossed) onto the doorstep of the Sisters Of Mercy Orphanage. Years go by, and through no fault of their own, fail to find willing adoptive parents, and subsequently grow into young adulthood working at the orphanage as what else … incompetent, bumbling, maintenance men. Remember, “A Plumbing We Will Go?” **

To the rescue! When it is brought to the attention of the stooges that a financial crisis threatens to close their beloved home, in typical stooge fashion, the boys leave the orphanage and set out in earnest to raise the $830,000 needed to resolve the debt.

Episode No. 2: “The Bananas Split”

“Pure of heart, but dim of wit.” No sooner are the altruistic trio on the street in pursuit of the large sum that will save the orphanage, they happen upon a beautiful seductive temptress, (Sofia Vergara) with murder for hire on her mind, (her husband). The boys, though hesitant, accept the challenge, and away they go … Their plight takes a number of the usual twists and turns, along with the notorious stunts and gags made popular by the original Three Stooges.

Final Episode: “No Moe Mister Nice Guy”

It doesn’t take long for the threesome to have a quarrel, and temporarily go their seperate ways.  Moe’s “talents” are soon discovered by some TV execs, and immediately lands a part on the reality show, “The Jersey Shore,” while Larry and Curly team up and provide us with their own comedy of errors.  After a brief period apart from each other, the boys reconcile and happily reunite, but this time they’re on a mission to save their old childhood friend, Ted … (the unsuspecting husband).

The plot takes one final turn, as the boys find themselves returning to an all newly designed, and somewhat extravagent, “Sisters Of Mercy Orphanage & Spa”… courtesy of the cast of The Jersey Shore and an advance $$$ from a new, and unbeknownst to our heroes, TV reality show starring, Moe,* Larry* & Curly* … Success!

In Summary:

All in all, given the tough task the Farrelly brothers had in recreating something as iconic as the original Three Stooges, the overall opinion of the movie seems to be positive; most notably, the actors themselves, who do not disappoint. The customary slaps, pokes, gouges, & whimsicalities are all here, accompanied by a generous chorus of “stooge” sound effects.

That being said … I would be happy to see another Three Stooges movie, this time with Shemp*** included, either as a replacement of Curly, or as an addition to the three? (Something for the Farrelly brothers & writers to ponder).

Jane Lynch, Larry David, & Jennifer Hudson join the mayhem and bring their own blend of style and grace to the cast … as nuns mind you, while Kate Upton, (Sister Bernice) adds her own unique beauty and dimensions to her supporting role … Well done everyone.

*Chris Diamantopoulos (Moe) Sean Hayes (Larry) Will Sasso (Curly)
**A Plumbing We Will Go (1940)
***Shemp Howard is the real life older brother of both Moe & Curly and appeared in many of the original Three Stooges “shorts”